G2 Top Rated HR SaaS Platform uses Bluecopa to have a stable and better cash flow using Real-time AR Observability & Reporting

HR Tech platform that helps companies hire talent esp. in the technical segment.
Use Cases:
AR Observability

The Challenge

With a stable month-on-month growth and retention, the SaaS platform was finding it really hard to consolidate data from 4 different data sources and build a unified dashboard.

The FP&A team working with the BU Heads and CFO struggled building models and scenarios with weeks-old data thus preventing them for making decisions. When diagnosed, the CFO noticed that the problem was three-fold,

Our Collections team despite being big weren’t hitting their 90% QoQ targets. When we asked, they mentioned about their shortcomings to operate and we simply decided to solve it for them"

Not able to integrate CRM, Billing and ERP data in a single dashboard

No real-time visibility into the critical AR metrics to take faster decisions

Manual credit collectors deployed due to poor collection process internally

As a result, the AR efficiency dropped and the team ended up collecting only 55% of the gross revenue.

The Solution

To resolve the problems, the CFO decided to implement three critical solutions enabling the FP&A team and his board with all they sought.

They will now have a unified dashboard with data from their AR stack (ERP, Accounting, Billing and Payments tech) that will capture, sync, track and govern critical metrics and trends in real-time. This will help the FP&A team to export necessary charts, metrics and reports on need basis to build their forecast and scenario based on today’s data.
The CFO and Leadership will get real-time alerts and notifications regarding critical metrics like DSO, CEI, AR Turnover Ratio and Net collection Ratio so as to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the overall cash flow

Upon implementing this, the CFO saw results improving within 2 quarters and is now looking to solve his next problem around MIS and P&L reporting.

What Bluecopa enabled us is to visualize our AR team’s efficiency in real-time thus showing us where to improve and what to improve. With the configured alerts, we were able to inform our team about the risk and expedited the collections well in advance."

The Outcome

DSO reduced to less than 30 days based on few changes and was maintained within the healthy levels.
20% reduction in operating cost due to less dependency on manual credit collectors.
Improved cash flow visibility across the board enabling leadership to plan & forecast better

The Conclusion

The company’s rapid growth had their Finance team play catching up. With faster customer acquisition and renewals happening every month, the Finance team struggled to collect the actual cash due to a minor issues in their AR operations. Using Bluecopa, the team tracked metrics and monitored trends to enhance their process efficiency.

Shift gears to proactive finance operations, today.