Bluecopa Announces $2.3M in Seed Funding

August 3, 2022

bluecopa raised 2.3M funding in seed round fundraising image
We at Bluecopa are building the best Finance Operations platform on the planet. Today, we are excited to announce our seed round funding.
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The proliferation of Cloud and SaaS tools across organizations has fragmented the data needed to understand real-time business health. As a result, data-to-decision cycles are now significantly high and error-prone. There is an increasing dependency on data teams, expensive, complex tools, and clunky Excel spreadsheets to understand business drivers.

This complex web of data dependencies is a hair-on-fire problem, particularly in high transaction volume industries such as e-commerce, marketplaces, logistics, mobility, financial services, etc.
Bluecopa is a Finance Operations Platform. It is purpose-built for finance teams in high-growth companies.

The platform automates day-to-day finance operations such as data consolidation, business planning, scenario modeling, variance analysis, intelligent alerts, reconciliations, and more. It helps CFOs and Finance Leaders reduce data-to-decision cycles with a real-time view of business KPIs and variance alerts providing day-to-day business observability.

Bluecopa has a familiar, easy-to-use, and intuitive excel-like interface for finance teams. In addition, its GPU-accelerated formula engine can process billions of transactions in seconds.

We aim to accelerate the digitization of the finance function to manage the scale and complexity seamlessly. In the long term, our vision is to rebuild the entire CFO tech stack and empower finance professionals to focus on strategic aspects.
We thank Sanjay Nath and Anirvan Chowdhury from Blume Ventures for leading the round. We are also honored to have Titan Capital, T-Fund, Speciale Invest, Bharat Founders Fund, T2D3, Amplify, and Force Ventures join us in this round.

In addition, 15+ amazing founders and advisors joining us include Krish Subramanian & Rajaraman Santhanam (Chargebee), Rohit Chennamaneni (Darwinbox), Asad Khan, Jay Singh, and Mayank Bhola (Lambdatest).
We are a second-time entrepreneurial team with deep expertise in building teams, products, and traction in finance, fin-tech, ERP, AI, and data-engineering domains. Over the past few months, we have grown from 3 founders to a 15+ member team.

We are proud of our team, who come from diverse backgrounds, culture and with varied experience from product management to cloud infrastructure to AI and Data engineering.