The ROI of Finance Transformation

CFOs have always focused on getting the Finance Transformation done. Finance transformation helps companies build better Finance operations and streamline internal processes to move towards efficiency and sustainability. 1 in 7 CFOs have that in their Annual plan every year.

So how does one measure its impact? What is the ROI of Finance Transformation? Is it viewed from the lens of people? process? technology?

Join us, to know...

Nov 20, 2023
Zoom Webinar

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What are we discussing?

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The Latest evolution of Finance Transformation due to automation workflows and advanced AI capabilities.

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The ROI of Finance Transformation from the P.O.V of People, Process & Technology.

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The Future of Finance Transformation and how the ROI will get measured in future.

Why should you attend?

1 in every 7 CFOs work on transforming the Finance Operations. However, only a meagre 12% of the companies are fully transformed to embrace tech and processes completely. But why?

The ROI of Finance transformation is often disregarded since the activity is considered to be a qualitiative boost. But, is it really? If not, how does one tangibly validate their transformation efforts?

Come, let's find out!

About Tejas

Tejas is a Finance Transformation Expert and founder of Akshar Business Consulting. Currently, he provides CFO services to companies in Europe, primarily UK.

A LinkedIn Top Voice on Budgeting & Forecasting now, Tejas led and managed FP&A teams at Vodafone, Unilever, GE Healthcare and more...

About Anthony

Anthony is a seasoned Finance professional and FT Expert from New York City. He currently runs his startup called FT2OM that offers Finance operations services to startups and midsize companies.

A passionate Finance leader himself, Anthony has built and scaled Finance teams at Hewitt Associates, Aon and similar enterprises...

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