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We build products that change how finance teams operate globally

Our Story

Finance teams play a crucial role in helping companies achieve growth and profitability. However the tools they use still date back to the 19th century. The time is ripe for a modern finance operations solution that truly serves the backbone of a cloud-native finance ecosystem, driving growing businesses. We envisioned a better way to solve this and are super excited to make one

Our Founders

We are a second-time entrepreneurial team with deep expertise in building teams, products and traction in finance, fin-tech, ERP, AI and data-engineering domains.We are passionate about solving hard problems and creating real value

Satya Prakash
Co-Founder and CEO

Satya Prakash is the Co Founder and CEO of Bluecopa. An Engineering maverick, Satya has founded and led the acquisition of his previous two startups (Tuplejump and Optotax) to Apple and Open Money respectively

Nilotpal Chanda
Co-Founder and CBO

Nilotpal Chanda, fondly known as Neel is the co Founder and Chief Business Officer. An Enterprise Sales Leader, Neel has built and scaled multiple GTM teams during his time in Ramco, Netcracker and Optotax.

Raghavendra Reddy
Co-Founder and COO

Raghavendra Reddy is the Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer. Raghava is one of the youngest CFOs from India. In his past, he took up Finance leader roles very early in his career at Wipro & HP and built & led the Lending BU at Optotax and Open Money.

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Automate Finance operations and accelerate data to decision cycles with real-time insights enabled by Bluecopa’s AI-powered Finance platform

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Automate finance operations and speed decisions with Bluecopa's AI-powered, real-time insights.

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