One Platform for Finance Automation

Fully cloud native, the Bluecopa Platform is the intelligent foundation that lets you automate and connect all your finance functions and powers your business forward.

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Streamline Your Financial Data Capture
Efficiently capture data from all your financial sources with our intelligent platform.
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Seamless Integrations
Connect to your core financial apps and databases
Import data from spreadsheets, CSVs, and other file types
Automated data extraction and loading
Intelligent Document Capture
Extract data from paper forms and scanned documents
Capture structured data from digital PDFs and web forms
Powered by advanced OCR, computer vision, and machine learning
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Integrate with legacy apps lacking modern APIs
Automate manual data entry and retrieval tasks
Extend the reach of your data capture
Prepare and Reconcile and Consolidate Your Finance Data
Cleanse, transform, and reconcile your financial data using our powerful tools and intuitive interface.
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Data Cleansing and Transformation
Automatically identify and correct errors, inconsistencies, and missing values
Standardize and normalize data formats for consistency
Apply complex business rules and logic to transform data
Create derived metrics and KPIs for deeper insights
Data Matching and Deduplication
Identify and merge duplicate records across data sources
Fuzzy matching algorithms handle variations and typos
Configurable matching rules tailored to your unique data
Maintain a single source of truth for your financial data
Account Reconciliation
Automatically match and reconcile transactions across accounts and systems
Identify discrepancies and exceptions for further investigation
Customizable reconciliation rules and tolerances
Streamline period-end close processes and financial reporting
Empower your Finance Teams with a Finance Data Lake
Cleanse, transform, and reconcile your financial data using our powerful tools and intuitive interface
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Master Data Management
Establish a single source of truth for your financial master data with our Master Data Management capabilities.
Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and completeness across your Finance Data Lake.
Data Catalog and Governance
Implement robust data governance practices with our Data Catalog and Governance features.
Define data policies, track data lineage, and ensure data security and compliance.
Scalable and Secure Architecture
Ensure the scalability, performance, and security of your Finance Data Lake with our robust architecture.
Our platform leverages client specific cloud warehouses to handle large volumes of data and protect sensitive financial data
Use your Finance Data Lake to Gain Deeper Insights
Analyze your financial data, build statements and reports, and visualize key metrics with our user-friendly tools designed for finance professionals.
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Familiar Spreadsheet Interface
Perform ad-hoc analysis and calculations using a spreadsheet-like interface
Use built-in financial functions and formulas for common tasks
Integrate datasets from your connected sources for always up-to-date analysis
Collaborate with teammates in real-time
Flexible Data Visualization
Choose from a wide range of chart types to visualize financial data
Create custom calculated metrics and ratios for unique insights
Combine data from multiple sources into a single visualization
Easily share visualizations with stakeholders via web links or embedded analytics
Interactive Dashboards
Build interactive dashboards to monitor key financial metrics and KPIs
Customize dashboard layouts with drag-and-drop widgets and components
Drill down into underlying data for root cause analysis
Set up alerts to notify you when metrics cross defined thresholds
Statement and Report Builder
Create professional-quality financial statements like P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
Customize report layouts and formatting to match your need
Automate report generation and distribution on a scheduled or event-driven basis
Unleash the Power of AI for Smarter Decisions and Superhuman Productivity
Leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to make intelligent decisions, automate complex tasks, and boost your finance team's productivity like never before.
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Predictive AI
Utilize advanced machine learning algorithms for accurate forecasting and risk modeling
Predict demand, customer payments, and cash flow to optimize financial planning
Identify potential risks and opportunities early for proactive decision-making
Continuously learn and adapt to changing business dynamics
Generative AI
Chat Assistants for Customers, Vendors and Internal Teams
Automate the creation of financial reports, summaries, and narratives
Generate insights and recommendations based on your unique financial data
Streamline document extraction for expenses, POs, payments, receipts, and invoices
AI-Powered Optimization
Optimize working capital and inventory levels based on real-time data and predictions
Identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains across your financial processes
Simulate different scenarios and strategies to make informed, data-driven decisions
Continuously monitor and adjust optimization models based on changing conditions
Stacked Co-Pilots
Leverage AI-powered assistants to supercharge your data operations, analysis, and process design
Get intelligent recommendations and insights at every step of your financial workflows
Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks and focus on high-value, strategic work
Collaborate seamlessly with AI co-pilots using natural language interfaces
Automate and Optimize Your Financial Workflows
Design, automate, and manage your financial workflows with our intuitive Process Designer, Human Approvals, and Hybrid Process Automation capabilities.
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Visual Process Designer
Easily create and modify process workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity
Incorporate data capture, preparation, reconciliation, and reporting tasks
Define business rules, conditions, and exceptions
Seamlessly integrate with external systems and APIs
Human Approvals and Forms
Intersperse human decision points within automated processes
Customizable web forms for data input and approvals
Role-based access control and authorization workflows
Mobile-friendly forms for on-the-go approvals
Hybrid Process Automation
Combine the best of human expertise and machine efficiency
Automate repetitive, high-volume tasks while keeping humans in the loop
Configurable alerts and notifications keep processes moving
Real-time process monitoring and analytics for continuous improvement
Extend, Govern, and Collaborate with Enterprise-Grade Features
Tailor our platform to your unique needs, ensure strong data governance, and foster collaboration across your finance team.
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Custom Apps and Integrations
Build custom apps and workflows using our low-code development tools
Extend our platform's capabilities to meet your specific requirements
Integrate with your existing finance tech stack for seamless data flow
Leverage our API and webhooks for real-time integration and automation
Advanced Data Governance
Implement Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) for granular data security
Define and enforce Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies
Ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations like GDPR and CCPA
Monitor and audit data access and usage with detailed logs and reports
Collaboration and Communication
Foster teamwork and knowledge sharing with in-app commenting and mentions
Collaborate on data preparation, analysis, and reporting tasks in real-time
Maintain a full audit trail of comments, decisions, and actions
Integrate with popular communication tools like Slack and Teams
Version Control and Audit Trail
Track changes to data, processes, and reports with version control
Revert to previous versions if needed
Maintain a complete audit trail of user actions and system events
Prove compliance and streamline audits with detailed logs and reports

With Bluecopa, we are able to better engage with our pan India distributor ecosystem with real-time insights enabling better sales experience and volume growth. It has also enabled our Commercial finance team with much needed visibility into the performance of each of our distributors.

Bharat Agrawal
Director Finance South Asia at Diversey

We have seen our biggest value through time to report and automations. From struggling to consolidate data and build necessary reports to now automating almost 90% of it, Bluecopa has transformed the way we do Finance operations.

Tarun Mallappa
VP Finance at HackerEarth

What took us earlier two days in some being accomplished in a matter of an hour or two. Bluecopa has become an integral part and is taking us towards tech-driven finance operations.

Head of Finance at Eka Care

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Automate Finance operations and accelerate data to decision cycles with real-time insights enabled by Bluecopa’s AI-powered Finance platform

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Automate finance operations and speed decisions with Bluecopa's AI-powered, real-time insights.

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