Integrate all your siloed systems and let insights tell the real story.

Gather real-time data seamlessly from 150+ connectors across ERP, OMS, Accounting, Payments, Billing & more and make decisions faster with better automations.

ERP & Accounting
Seamlessly connect your ERP & Accounting systems to get real-time insights into key business aspects.

Connect ERP/GL sources with Bluecopa and confidently answer questions around runway, burn, and profitability.
Order Management System (OMS)
Order Management System (OMS) captures constantly modifying information around the orders created, canceled, returned and refunded.

Connect OMS with Bluecopa to bring accurate, real-time orders and logistics information to build future-ready financial reports.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
CRM captures a lot of real-time information sensitive to the Finance model like revenue, deals won/lost, team performance, commissions, accruals etc...

Connect Bluecopa with your CRM and answer questions around leads, deals, pipeline and booked revenue with confidence.
Marketing Automation
Marketing teams are constantly monitoring key metrics like Websites visits, Conversion rates, CPC, Repeat customer rate etc.. to improve Sales.

Connect Bluecopa with your Marketing stack to improve CAC, RoAS, pipeline and increase revenue.
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Modern HRIS needs a helping hand in interpreting data to understand the impact of hiring and team building on budgets and spending within the organization.

Bring all people data from your HRIS within Bluecopa for accurate growth plans around headcount, cost, and revenue per employee.
Business Intelligence (BI) Tools
Want metrics from existing dashboards?

Import data from BI dashboards into Bluecopa for enhanced reporting & faster decision-making.
Payments & Billing
Multiple currencies, multiple transactions.

Connect your payments engine with Bluecopa to get accurate foresight into your collections, receivables, and liquidity plans.
Datalakes & Databases
Outdated data is still the single biggest reason for business degrowth.

Make decisions for tomorrow, with the context of today, by connecting your databases to capture real-time data and updates.
Eliminate manual errors and save time

Connect your existing Google Sheets and Excel to automate data capture better and visualize your predictions.
Shift gears to proactive finance operations, today.