Company Overview
  • American company and provider of cleaning and hygiene products. It serves the hospitality, healthcare, food and beverage, food service, retail, and facility management markets.
  • HQ: USA
  • Founded: 1923
  • Industry: Healthcare, Cleaning
  • Use Cases: Commercial FinOps

The Challenge

The Commercial Finance team at Diversey were forced to manage their whole finance operations using an internal ERP and MS Excel due to the lack of a platform that offered consolidation of entities. They were finding it hard to manage their relationship with distributors across the country with manually updated metrics and data about each of them. The team wanted a single platform to manage all the financial information and do performance analysis across their distributor ecosystem with real-time data.

The Solution

The 400+ distributors across the country were provided with unique dashboards showcasing the critical metrics regarding their commercials and financial performance. This brought visibility leading to trust and reliability across the partners. Furthermore, this enabled the analysts at Diversey to better engage with its partners to impact their top-line growth by making recommendations specific to their geography.

The Outcome

  • 80% increase in visibility
  • 60% reduction in queries from partners
  • 25% direct impact in top-line growth

The Conclusion

With yearly reconciliation of their performance metrics, the distributors lacked real time feedback. The Commercial finance team at Diversey decided to address this using Bluecopa’s real time observability platform that offered native connectivity with all the sources thus enabling them to make recommendations and improve performance in real-time.

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