Eka Care

Company Overview
  • The PHR (Patient Health Record) application that helps users store medical records and doctors monitor health vitals of their patients. 
  • HQ: India
  • Founded: 2021
  • Industry: HealthTech
  • Use Cases: Reporting Automation & Data Reconciliation

The Challenge

The CFO wanted to automate the existing manual reporting processes, get real time visibility into the financial health of the business and streamline the data quality to have one single source of truth. With a lean team, the CFO was losing out on a lot of his and the team’s crucial time on doing the repetitive manual data tasks that could otherwise be automated, in one go.

The Solution

The CFO implemented Bluecopa's Reporting observability & reconciliation solution that consolidated data from multiple sources to offer him the much needed visibility and insights into the business health. 

  • An unified dashboard with the critical financial health metrics were configured with real time sync to its data sources thus enabling the team to be on top of the metrics at all times.
  • The team implemented Bluecopa’s flagship reconciliation workflows to improve data sanity and have better data governance.

“What took us earlier two days in some being accomplished in a matter of an hour or two. Bluecopa has become an integral part and is taking us towards tech-driven finance operations.”

Piyush Bajla, CFO of Eka Care

The Outcome

  • 85% improvement in operational efficiency
  • 98% accuracy in spotting discrepancies
  • 150 man hours saved every month

The Conclusion

With a lean but efficient Finance team, the CFO was forced to under utilise the team’s abilities with a lot of manual data work and not in improving the business and bottom-line growth. With bluecopa, the team were able to set their priorities straight and focus on what really mattered, leaving the rest to us.

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