Practical Guide to AR Observability in 2024 👉

On average, businesses deal with 23% of their invoices paid late. Further, errors in tracking and reporting can cost them an estimated 5-10% of their annual revenue.

Still, in 2024, many CFOs struggle to track who owes them money. Consequently, they deal with missing invoices, unclear payment statuses, and chasing overdue amounts.

However, imagine having access to real-time data that shows where your receivables stand. You would know who needs a gentle reminder, who is on track, and what your cash flow situation looks like. AR observability offers clarity and takes the guesswork out of collections, giving you more control over your finances.

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What’s inside the Guide?

Here’s a comprehensive guide that shows you the power of accounts receivable (AR) observability. It is jam-packed with actionable strategies to bridge the gap between desired and actual AR performance; essential tools and practices for your AR team; and the trends to embrace for maximizing cash flow.

What are the benefits of implementing real-time observability into your receivables?
How do you close the accounts receivable (AR) observability gap?
How can you quantify the financial impact of improving your AR observability?

Why should I read it?

This guide helps you learn how clear AR observability translates to real cash in your pocket. After reading this, you could find practical ways to get accounts receivable observability right for your finance team. Also, you get a closer look at Bluecopa’s accounts receivable templates and key KPIs within them.

When we enabled the team to visualize our AR team’s efficiency in real-time, showing us what & where to improve, we clearly understood we lacked in specific areas. With consistent governing and monitoring of all metrics in addition to the anomaly alerts, we were able to inform our team about the risk and expedited the collections, well in advance.

This real-time visibility catalysed our efforts in improving AR operations and work towards becoming cash flow positive faster.

About Bluecopa

Bluecopa is a modern Real-time Finance Observability platform that helps fast growing businesses connect, monitor and analyze data better. The platform reimagines outdated Finance operations by connecting with 200+ applications and accelerate data to decision cycles.

Large companies across SaaS, Retail, Manufacturing and Supply Chain currently use Bluecopa to automate reconciliations, build enhanced workflows, predict & prevent anomalies and make critical business decisions faster.

Shift gears to proactive finance operations, today.