HFS OneOffice™ Hot Vendor Report : Bluecopa

58 percent!

That's how many CFOs making decisions based on outdated data. The "data problem" for CFOs has been consistent across the years of Fintech evolution.

We are solving this and we've brought experts to explain the how and why. Get your copy of the report and read about the Finance Observability movement led by Bluecopa.

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What’s inside the Report?

HFS Research is a unique analyst organization that is admired for its outlook for the future of tech. The HFS mission is to provide visionary insight into the major innovations impacting business operations and Finance. Each year, the HFS Analysts review 100s of software to find their picks of Hot Vendors in the global market. HFS Hot Vendors display truly differentiated offerings and out-of-the-box thinking that can be inspiring and useful.

This report profiles Bluecopa, one such HFS Hot Vendor who is solving the data problem for CFOs at large scale.

What is HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor?
How does one become a HFS OneOffice
Hot Vendor?
Why is Bluecopa a HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor!

Why should I read it?

In this rapid evolution of technology influenced by Artificial Intelligence, the sanity of data is quintessential. For CFOs, accurate and real-time data is the basic requirement. However, these leaders do not have the time to find tools that do it and do it well. This report will help all such CFOs and Finance Leaders who are looking for a no-nonsense feedback on Bluecopa and the problem it is solving.

When we enabled the team to visualize our AR team’s efficiency in real-time, showing us what & where to improve, we clearly understood we lacked in specific areas. With consistent governing and monitoring of all metrics in addition to the anomaly alerts, we were able to inform our team about the risk and expedited the collections, well in advance.

This real-time visibility catalysed our efforts in improving AR operations and work towards becoming cash flow positive faster.

About Bluecopa

Bluecopa is a modern Real-time Finance Observability platform that helps fast growing businesses connect, monitor and analyze data better. The platform reimagines outdated Finance operations by connecting with 100+ applications to accelerate data to decision cycles.

About HFS

HFS is a unique analyst organization that combines deep visionary expertise with rapid demand-side analysis of the Global 2000. Their analysts are respected for their no-nonsense insights based on demand-side data and engagements with industry practitioners.

Shift gears to proactive finance operations, today.