Accounts Payable (AP) Observability

Get complete visibility into your payables, at all times

Optimize working capital and reduce cost per invoice with the accounts payable (AP) observability automation platform. Leverage the power of our AI to make prudent financial decisions.

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Improve AP efficiency

Boost AP efficiency by 50% with real-time access to the accounts payable metrics & dashboard.
Understand vendor performance and uncover payment trends to strengthen relationships.
Get hold of accounts payable benchmarks and track accounts payable KPIs continuously.

Optimize working capital

Streamline your workflow and gain a 70% reduction in time spent on manual tasks.
Reduce the risk of late payments and eliminate bottlenecks in accounts payable processes.
Build multi-currency AP dashboards for quicker and more effective analysis.

Control vendor costs

Get suggestions for early payment discounts, leading to a 15% in cost savings.
Identify cost leakage, negotiate better terms, and maximize profitability.
Identify and address inefficiencies in your AP processes and curb longer days payable outstanding (DPO).

Break down silos

Improve accounts payable turnover ratio by 8x, fostering strong vendor relationships
Integrate with your existing accounting and ERP systems, and build a single source of truth for everyone.
Guarantee vendor satisfaction by limiting payment delays and other anomalies

What People Say About Us

We work with 1000+ brands and 1 lakh+ merchants as of today and we have a lot of data to work on, across multiple Databases. Getting all of them on the same page and speaking with each other was imperative for us. Bluecopa not only helped us collect, clean and consolidate these data, but also in getting valuable insights out of it, all while utilising 10% of our resources.

Rachit Khandelwal
VP, Finance at Fashinza

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