Accounts Receivable (AR) Observability

Optimizing Accounts Receivables
couldn’t get easier

Be on top of your Accounts Receivable metrics at all times. Set periodic analysis on auto-pilot. Improve working capital and cash flow with real time monitoring and AI-powered alerts.

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Make use of efficient AR operations

Collect payments faster and improve your collection effectiveness index.
Reduce the time taken for customers to receive and pay their invoices, improving day sales outstanding (DSO).
Seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems and financial tools, ultimately facilitating a hassle-free transition.

Be alerted on risky customers

Identify delinquent accounts and reduce average days delinquent (ADD) with inbuilt AI and advanced analytics.
Run ad-hoc accounts receivable analysis and detect anomalies and trends in real time.
Infer insights into payment patterns, automate communication for overdue payments, and ensure a smooth customer experience.

Get AR insights like you’re meant

Experience a 45% increase in collection efficiency, resulting in fewer write-offs and higher overall collections.
Reap substantial cost savings, including a 70% productivity enhancement of the receivables team.
Enable collection teams with relevant AR insights to expedite customer payments

Take advantage of seamless workflows

Improve working capital management by reducing day sales outstanding (DSO) by an average of 35%.
Automate workflows to send timely payment reminders and reduce manual efforts.
Monitor health and categorize risky accounts to focus on high-priority collections.

What People Say About Us

We work with 1000+ brands and 1 lakh+ merchants as of today and we have a lot of data to work on, across multiple Databases. Getting all of them on the same page and speaking with each other was imperative for us. Bluecopa not only helped us collect, clean and consolidate these data, but also in getting valuable insights out of it, all while utilising 10% of our resources.

Rachit Khandelwal
VP, Finance at Fashinza

Simplify your collections processes with Bluecopa's efficient AR Observability platform.