Payments (AP) Observability

Track every dollar, monitor every transaction

Harness the power of Bluecopa’s AI to monitor and reconcile payments across all payment channels, in real-time. Improve your overall payment experience at scale.

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Avoid all payment discrepancies

Create a faster payment experience with data-driven analytics. Unlock up to 30 days of working capital
Track and reconcile payments across multiple channels in real-time. Eliminate last-minute payment discrepancies
Build context and provide a singular source of truth for all things Payment within your organization

Improve Internal Payment Operations

Enable 100% visibility into all invoices and payments. Set faster settlement practices with Bluecopa’s AI-powered insights and alerts
Empower your Finance team with context-driven powerful dashboards, analyzing every single metric, in real-time
Access seamlessly multi-currency and multi-geography reconciled data with AI-powered Reconciliations Builder

Strong arm your Partnerships

Seamlessly collaborate with multiple stakeholders and reduce all delays in payment settlements
Monitor platform fee & commission rates continuously and deprioritize high-risk vendors instantly
Resolve disputes around chargebacks with complete visibility into every transaction

Improve bottom-line growth by 20%

With Bluecopa’s AI-powered insights, identify optimal payment channels and risky partners
Unlock working capital by proactively managing settlement discrepancies
Bridge payment leakage gaps by AI-powered insights and proactive alerts

What People Say About Us

We work with 1000+ brands and 1 lakh+ merchants as of today and we have a lot of data to work on, across multiple Databases. Getting all of them on the same page and speaking with each other was imperative for us. Bluecopa not only helped us collect, clean and consolidate these data, but also in getting valuable insights out of it, all while utilising 10% of our resources.

Rachit Khandelwal
VP, Finance at Fashinza

Elevate your payment experience with Bluecopa’s Payments Observability platform